Monday, December 11, 2017

"Lucky" Puppy Workshop in January & February 2018

Meet Lucky the Fortune Puppy! 

For 2018, Wayneston Studios is pleased to introduce a brand new workshop!

Learn to create Fortune Puppy - "Lucky", in celebration of the year of Dog!

In 2 lessons, you will learn sewing and jointing techniques. As a bonus, you will also learn how to create wire armatures for the puppy's ears and tail!

So come and join us and have fun! Bring your very own handcrafted "Lucky" and fortune home! 

Course Fee: $280 (Includes all materials)
Time: 12pm - 4.30pm (2 lessons, 4.5 hrs each)

- Saturday (6 & 13 January 2018)
- Sunday (7 & 14 January 2018)
- Sunday (21 & 28 January 2018)
- Saturday (3 & 10 Febuary 2018)
- Sunday (4 & 11 February 2018)

*Weekday classes are available, via appointment only.
*A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve your seat for the class.

Plamodel Pico Ashes (BJD Model Kit) is now available in store and website!

Plamodel Pico Ashes (BJD Model Kit) is now available in store and website! Enter discount code*: BEARYXMAS upon check out to enjoy 10% discount.

*This code is valid for one time use only till 31 December 2017.

Wayneston Studios & Team

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Softie Bear Workshop at Poi Ching Primary School, 24 November 2017

Wayneston Studios is honored to be invited to Poi Ching Primary School to conduct a Softie Bear Workshop.

As it was during the school holidays, children and parents specially took the time to come to the school to attend the session hosted by the Parents Support Group of the school.

In total, there were 29 students who signed up for the workshop. The children were very attentive in class and Wayne rewarded them with a squeaker to put into the tummy of their bears. Wayne also issued out fabric hearts to the children, which could be placed into the bear's tummy or sewn on. The heart represents kindness which we hope to cultivate into the children from young.

The children were very attentive and well behaved, following Wayne's instructions as he guided them. We were glad to have several parents from the Parents Support Group helping out in the session, assisting the children when they faced difficulties. The children first inserted the nose and stuffed poly fiber into their Bear's head and legs.

After the head and legs were done, they inserted a squeaker and fabric heart into the bear and closed the opening.

Wayne demonstrated how to sew the eyes onto the Bear's face. We were very glad to have a group of helpful parents assisting with the sewing for some of the younger students.

At the same time, parents took the opportunity to learn sewing techniques from Wayne which they could later on teach their children during their free time.

After the event, we took a group picture together with the parents and students.

Thank you Poi Ching Primary School for the opportunity for us to share our bear-making experience with everyone.

We look forward to working with Poi Ching Primary School again in the near future.


Wayneston Studios & Team

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Pico Dragon Plamodel Kit is now available at Wayneston Studios!

Wayneston Studios is pleased to work with Aileen Doll to bring Pico Dragon Plamodel Kit to Singapore!

This is a BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) kit which you assemble by hand. It includes 2 pairs of eyes and eyes stickers.This is a perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season!

Enter discount code*: BEARYXMAS upon check out to enjoy 10% discount.
*This code is valid for one time use only till 31 December 2017.

Cheers & Merry Christmas to all!
Wayneston Studios & Team

Friday, December 1, 2017

Intermediate Bunny Workshop by Margaret Burke 10 - 12 November 2017

Wayneston Studios is pleased to invite Margaret Burke, an award winning bear artist from Australia, to conduct a 2-day Intermediate Bunny Workshop.

This workshop attracted 5 students to sign up and even Wayne himself couldn't resist and joined in!

The students were all given the bunny kit in advance to complete sewing, assembling and stuffing the bunny first before coming for the class as Margaret focused on teaching the intermediate techniques to create the face and eyes.

The first thing we learned were to paint star burst glass eyes. We started off by painting a thin layer of glitter. After the glitter dried, we added multiple layers of colours, removing  some areas to create patterns and later futher adding another layer of finishing coat to the eyes. As all eyes were painted differently, they all look different and unique!

While waiting for the paint to dry, Margaret taught everyone how to start with needle felting. This was the first time Chio and Benadette learned needle felting and we could see the anxiousness on their faces!

Margaret also shared the different types of felting needles and their uses. After the introduction, everyone started building the face with felting shapes on both side of the face to make them symmetrical.

Needle felting took lots of time! Everybody probably stabbed the wool a few thousand times at different angles to make sure the wool interlocks together, hardening them. After the faces were done, Wayne taught all the students needle sculpting techniques on the nose bridge, setting their glass eyes and making wire armature ears.

Margaret later also demonstrated the use of soft tip brush to apply soft pastels to highlight the face, paws and toes. After the final details are completed, we gave all the bunnies ribbons to give the final touch!

Look at all the bunnies! They all look completely different because that's the beauty of handmade craft! Everyone have added their own personal touch to what they created which are uniquely theirs.

We took group photos with Margaret after the class.

We want to thank  Margaret for her guidance and sharing her knowledge with us. We look forward to her class again next year!


Lulu the little bear

Hi everyone,

Sharing with you today is one of our latest creation, Lulu!

Lulu has now been adopted at the Taiwan Teddy Bear Show.
We hope you will enjoy some pictures of him below.

Have a great day!


Thursday, November 30, 2017

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Wayneston Studios & Team

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Taiwan International Teddy Bear Show, 5 November 2017

Wayneston Bears / Studios is pleased to be invited to participate in the Taiwan International Teddy Bear Show this year. We were all excited because it's our first time visiting Taiwan.

Philip & Wayne
In total, there were more than 30 bear artists who participated in this show. The event was well-organised and venue easy to find. The show was held at Syntrend Creative Park, which is a shopping mall. Food was also easily accessible at the basement of the mall.

Before the show commenced, Wayne and Philip spent some time meeting and networking with Taiwan artists as they have not met before. Taiwanese artists were very friendly and thankfully with our common Mandarin language,  we were able to communicate easily.

This is the 14th show hosted by TWTBA (Taiwan Teddy Bear Association). The organiser, Mr Lim told us that he started the first show with only just 6 artists. He inspired us to continue the passion in bringing more local artists together to promote the art of bear making.

Wayne and Mr Lim (Organiser of Taiwan International Teddy Bear Show)
At the show, we were also very happy to meet our fellow artist friends namely, Marina Osetrova (Russia), Masaya Sato, Yuko Nakayama (Japan), Roy and Heather Lyell (New Zealand), Lynette Kennedy and George Weber (USA).

George Weber

L- R: Yuko Nakayama & Hiromi Numata

Masaya Sato

Marina Osetrova

Lynette Kennedy

 Some of the new friends we met were Danielle Chou, Karen Wei (Taiwan), Hiromi Numata (Japan) and Tineke Oostveen (Holland).

Yuliyea Chen

Danielle Chou & her beautiful daughter

Karen Wei

Mary Tang

Tineke Oostveen

Helen from Malaysia

Wendy Wu

Chieh Bear
Collectors entered the show room at 11am sharp, moving in an orderly manner and going through several rounds to look at all artists work before deciding which bears to adopt. We saw the same group of collectors at least 2-3 times, which is good as it meant that they liked our bears and kept coming back to view them.

On one side of the show room, there were Teddy Bear Supplies for sale while on the other side of the room, there were tables and chairs for visitors to purchase a Teddy Bear kit to complete a simple teddy bear for themselves.

Workshop area for visitors to make their own Teddy Bear

There was also a charity showcase for raffles draws at the very last hour of the show. We heard several shrieks of excitement when someone won bears made by popular artists.

Visitors purchase tickets and insert them into boxes with artist bears' name labelled.
We were glad that Lulu and Whitelite found a home. A lady purchased them at the very last minute before the show ends.

Thank you for adopting Wayneston Bears!
The Wayneston Studios Team!
We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming to visit our table, as well as the organiser for hosting such a wonderful event.


Wayneston Studios & Team